We are a company made in Spain, located in Torre Pacheco (Murcia), specializing in the manufacture of filtering systems and water treatment, covering solutions for the protection and safety of hydraulic installations, purification, desalination, ultrafiltration and water management.

The main MISSION of Novhidro is to solve the problems that occur daily in the various fields related to water; leading the creation of value in the solutions we bring to our customers, and providing quality services in hydraulic systems, purification, desalination, and ultrafiltration. We want to share our talent, R & D and our technology with all companies, professionals, associations or institutions who want to get involved with our team in providing value to their clients or users.

Novhidro is dedicated to achieve responsible water management. We work in the culture of effort and respect for the environment, bringing our know-how to our customers and society as a whole, while we improve our employees’ satisfaction.

Our identity signs are commitment and customer satisfaction, solving their problems in the field of water and providing water treatments anywhere in the world. We provide solutions in all sizes, from a small solution to large-scale projects. We are genuine, relying on our own expertise to give justified confidence and effectiveness in providing solutions along with search excellence in all nuances such as manufacturing, management, marketing, etc. Our team is our greatest asset, from research, design, manufacture, marketing, to sales support.